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‘Into the Mindful Wild’! To be released January 2015 by Airetight Media and featured on Yogadownload.com

In her first album in 10 years, Jahna explores the connection between love, lust, trust, doubt, flirtation, expectations, mystery, truth, secrets, and meditational bliss.  Through her personal exploration of  Mindfulness, she worked through the common life experience of feeling failure and confusion when she didn't always achieve "bliss" during her meditation practice.  

The ten new songs on "Into The Mindful Wild" came through this exploration, where she found that it is exactly the ability to non-judgementally observe and perceive ALL of our thoughts, emotions and feelings that ultimately lead us to true inner peace and well-being. 

 M2 Project: Mindful Sound Concert - Dec. 3 @ 8pm - Free
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M2 Project: Mindful Sound Concert - Dec. 3 @ 8pm - Free

  • LMU Theological Studies Village

Mindfulness is the act of paying conscious attention to the present moment with openness, curiousity and the willingness to be with what is.  Experience this during a very special meditation and sound concert with meditation exercises led by Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA.  Joining Diana is M2 Project's Jahna Perricone, a mindfulness facilitator (CMF/UCLA) and singer, and Master Tibetan Singing Bowl artist Michael Perricone.  They will enliven the evening with music that accesses deeper meditative states.