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Balance: a state in which various elements form a harmonious whole and nothing is unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest.

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My passion has always been music:  harmony, melody, and vibration within my body and mind.  It began as a love for singing - a young girl who would just let it fly and got lots of attention and smiles for singing.  I was five when I gave my first public solo.  My father accompanied me on piano.  The song was ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles.

Life moved along and I sang in college, toured, played equity musical theatre, opera, and featured songs on TV and films. As it is in my personality to explore all forms of creativity, I was led to the practice of yoga and meditation.  

Through this practice,  from deep within, came new musical ideas.   At first they were arrangements of pieces I had already learned in my classical training, but these arrangements were different - they were classic melodies with world beats, musicalities and instrumentation.  I co-arranged my first solo CD ’In the Balance’ which became a charted classical crossover album.  Soon,  through the practice of Mindful Meditation and yoga,  I began to write my own original songs.   I started to co-write with Michael Perricone, a solo artist in his own right, and we’re now completing the next album, ‘Furtive Glances’.

The added dimension of this inner work has deepened my connection to teaching and leading meditations as well as my own singing and songwriting.  I'm looking forward to this continuing journey. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for joining me on the path!

Love and gratitude,