• Into The Mindful Wild (Coming in Spring 2015!)
  • Spring Into Mindfulness! A Beginners Guide To Mindful Meditation 
  • Journey of Seven Bowls CD series
  • In The Balance
  • CD FRESH with DivAria

Film soundtracks:

  • Mythic Journeys with Tim Curry
  • Y Yoga Movie
  • Co-writer of feature song in Enlighten-Up, winner of Best Narrative at The Elevate Music and Film Festival.
  • Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer - 2.5 million viewers in first 24 hours, #3 Digg story worldwide

On the charts:

  • Flower Duet from Lakmé single from  In The Balance charted #2 in Japan
  • Album In The Balance charted #4 in Japan
  •  Flower Duet from Lakmé from In The Balance featured on Showtime’s  The L Word
  • #1 download on iTunes from The L Word: The Third Season Soundtrack.


m2: a Mindful Music Experience is an explorative event using guided mindful meditation, Tibetan Singing Bowls, musical accompaniment and song, woven into a seamless fabric that carries each person on a journey from calm seated meditation through music and movement returning to the centering sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Acoustica -  classical and original songs with a world-music flair and spiritual influence sung in English, Italian, French, Latin, and Sanskrit. Features Tibetan meditation singing bowls, East Indian tabla, Middle Eastern kawala, flute, violin, harmonium, bass, and acoustic guitar.  

    Performances and Retreats:

    • Fowler Museum - M2 Project:  A Mindful Music Experience
    • Loyola Marymount University - M2 Project:  A Mindful Music Experience
    • UCLA/MARC with Diana Winston: Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Creativity
    • UCLA/MARC Mindful Meditation Retreats
    • c3/GATE Immerse the Future event at the LA Center Studios 
    • 2009 Vital Voices Kennedy Center Awards Ceremony
    • State of the Arts 2015 -  Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Virtual Worlds
    • Hammer Museum, Mindful Meditation
    • MARC institute/UCLA and Director Diana Winston.  
    • State of the Arts 2014 - Center for Conscious Creatives and Immersa
    • State of the Arts 2012 Amplify
    • Conscious Life Expo Festival 
    • BhaktiFest
    • ShaktiFest
    • The Green Festival in San Francisco
    • Tadasana Festival
    • Walt Disney Concert Hall  NocTOURnals program
    • Sue Wong’s Mercedes-Benz’ Fashion Week show
    • Knitting Factory in Hollywood
    • Go-Green Festival
    • YogaMonth Festival
    • Celebration of Oneness Festival
    • Kula Space

    Sound Meditation Workshops:

    • MARC institute/UCLA and Director Diana Winston.  
    • State of the Arts 2015 - Lotus Post and Center for Conscious Creatives
    • State of the Arts 2014 - Center for Conscious Creatives and Immersa
    • State of the Arts 2012 Amplify
    • Bhaktifest
    • Shaktifest
    • Tadasana 
    • Conscious Life Expo Festivals 

    Live Radio Appearances:

    • KPFK 90.7 FM  The Global Village
    • Seattle’s KZOK 102.5 FM The Bob Rivers Show, and 
    • Las Vegas’s KLAV 1230 AM SoulSearch.