Branches Of The Same Tree

Rocky Dawuni collaborates with Ben Harper and ukulele artist Tom Freund in his latest album, Branches of The Same Tree.


Listen to international music star and humanitarian activist Rocky Dawuni’s latest album, Branches of The Same Tree and you’ll be enveloped in an uplifting groove-mix of reggae, Afrobeat, and global pop. Dawuni’s infectious songs invite us to move, sing, and dance. In his sixth album (and first on the Cumbancha label), Dawuni has a special quality of inspiring unity and inclusivity without sounding preachy.  

Opening track “Shine A Light” is an uplifting anthem that introduces us to what appears to be his primary philosophy: “Every day in every way I’m going to let my whole life shine.” Immersed within the pulsating percussion, sing-along chorus, and electric guitar flourishes, his welcoming baritone inspires us to see our light.

“African Thriller,” with tight back-up singers, bouncy horn section, and reggae guitar beats, begs us to stand up and move. The thought-provoking messages in “Children of Abraham” examines present-day global issues as does “Nairobi” and “Black Star.” In “Island Girl,” he offers a sensitive peek into his heart, accompanied by lilting Caribbean beats, beautifully expressed through collaboration with Ben Harper and ukulele artist Tom Freund.

Listening to Branches, it’s easy to understand how Dawuni unifies his passions for music and social change. He’s a spokesperson for Product (RED), UNICEF, and the Carter Center, among other activities .

Branches of the Same Tree is a groovy album of our times with appealing messages sure to get you up on your feet. For more information, visit:


By Rocky Dawuni

Cumbancha Records