Jahna is a successful singer and singing teacher who has had a thriving voice studio for over 18 years.  She owes much of this success to her teacher,  Dr. Joel Ewing, with whom she has studied vocal pedagogy and singing for over 20 years.  Her knowledge stems from the extensive study and readings of Caesari, Reid, and Vennard as well as Dr. Ewing’s doctoral papers.   

The voice is a unique instrument because it lives in the human body, and therefore, many factors (emotions, concepts, physical attributes) affect the ability to  sing well.  The foundation of a healthy vocal instrument lies within creating a balanced registration, that is, a balance between the muscles systems that control vocal chord movement.   In order for a voice to be strong, agile and musical one must attend to these systems.

In addition to her voice work, Jahna is also a Certified Mindfulness Coach from UCLA’s MARC and Semel Institutes.  She incorporates mindfulness exercises with her students to help them focus and to provide useful tools to relieve performance anxiety.  She has witnessed tremendous growth in her students’ vocal and performance ability as they learn to integrate voice with mindfulness training.  These methods are powerful tools that help a singer uncover and reveal their own true voice.

Join Jahna in her successful studio and learn to incorporate these tools and methods, giving you an authentically vibrant, creative and dynamic singing voice!