Live a little! Join UCLA Certified Mindfulness teacher Heather Prete, Master Tibetan Singing Bowl artist Michael Perricone, and UCLA Mindfulness Facilitator and vocalist Jahna Perricone on our annual Restorative Grecian Meditation Retreat October 19, 2019- October 26, 2019 at the lovely yoga and meditation retreat center on the beautiful island itha108. The cost is $1200-$2700 depending on accommodations. All inclusive except the flight. We recommend flying to Athens, then taking a short internal flight to Kefalonia. We will meet there around noon and take our private boat to the island! Browse the different accommodations and act fast to reserve your preference.

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Mindful Sounds workshop - Sunday, September 25th 3:00-5:00 pm

Mindful Sounds

Register here:

Master Tibetan singing bowl artist Michael Perricone and Mindfulness Facilitator and Vocalist Jahna Perricone, CMF join together to bring you through an amazing journey of mindful vibrations designed to enhance open awareness through the playing of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, mindful meditation and vocal rhythms.

It's an experience to settle in, relax and let go of day-to-day stresses in a fun and supportive environment as we:

  • Learn to get curious about the nuances of sounds
  • Experience the beautiful vibrations of a sound bath
  • Deepen appreciation for the beauty of sounds
  • Play with Mindful Listening in the richest of ways

This transformative experience is not to be missed!

*No prior music of vocal experience necessary. Just bring yourself and a beginner's mind inside!

"The Mindful Tone workshop was led by excellent and knowledgeable teachers. The guided meditation opened the space for the individual to be present in the moment;the vocal chanting was extraordinary in building a group harmonic and connectedness through sound; the Tibetan bowls were played with great intuitive skill, which was coherently connected to the 'energy' of the group. Overall, a very amazing afternoon."

- Michael Irwin, M.D.
Director, Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA Semel Institute

Cost: $49

Class meets: Sunday, September 25 from 3:00-5:00 pm

Enrollment Limit: 10

Location: 11850 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles

Sonic Tones - An Immersion Into Mindfulness, Vibration & Tibetan Singing Bowls

Join Michael & Jahna Perricone at Goorus on October 15th for a magical, mindful sound bath of ancient Tibetan singing bowls.

Tibetan singing bowls are a form of harmonic sound therapy. The sound vibrations from the bowls work with the energy in the brain and body, reducing stress, tension, and anxiety. Heart rate and blood pressure lower and the breath slows to a relaxed state so the body can begin to heal itself.

Register online at or by phone at 310-765-4871. $35 Early/$40 Late

Jahna Perricone, CMF, is a Certified Mindfulness Coach through UCLA’s MARC and Semel Institutes and also an accomplished singer and voice teacher who has uncovered the resilient ability to focus, create and perform through Mindful Meditation practices.

Michael Perricone, a Master Tibetan Singing Bowl Artist, is owner of Airetight Media, Inc. as well as an accomplished sound supervisor and mixer. Together the couple bridge cultures and time through their innovative blend of world-music, classical and original songs.

The couple has performed this exciting aural blend in numerous venues such as Walt Disney Hall, the Hammer and Fowler Museums, Bhaktifest, Shaktifest, and Tadasana Festivals, UCLA, and LMU. Learn more at

Love Thy Nature film and music - May 7th

We’re excited to be participating in a screening-and-musical event of the award-winning film Love Thy Nature narrated by Liam Neeson, which will open in theaters in 50+ cities across the country, including here in LA -  at the Monica Film Center from May 6th-12th. Come join us at the 7:20pm screening on May 7th: after this mesmerizing film, we’ll immerse the audience in music from Tibetan singing bowls by Michael Perricone, Jahna’s transporting voice and Earth’s timeless sounds.   

See the powerful trailer here:

The film points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature and takes us on a cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our vital relationship with the natural world. It shows that a renewed connection with nature is key not only to our well being, but also to solving our climate and environmental crises.

Event time: May 7th - 7:20pm

Location: Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd street, Santa Monica, CA

See details on the Facebook Event

Find tickets here

Love Thy Nature events often sell out, so get your tickets soon.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath with Mindfulness and Voice Toning

at Goorus Yoga on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13! Join us!
3:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. Tibetan Singing Bowl w/Mindfulness & Voice Toning. Jahna and Michael Perricone will teach how to use your voice and Tibetan singing bowls as instruments for self-healing. Concludes with a 30-minute sound bath. $35/adv; $40/door. Goorus Yoga Studio, 15327 W. Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades.

...more November events!

1.   Goorus Yoga Studio in Pacific Palisades
      Mindful Meditation lead by Jahna Perricone
      Every Monday
      8:30am - 9:00am
      Everyone is welcome!

2.  Sonic Sunday at Lotus Post  - Studio One
     Mindful Meditation  lead by Jahna Perricone with Michael Perricone on Tibetan Singing Bowls
     Last Sunday of every month
     11:00am  - 12:00 pm  
     1642 17th Street
     Santa Monica, CA 90404

3.  Unplugged Meditation
     Tibetan Bowl Ancient Sound Bath and education workshop with Michael Perricone on Tibetan Singing Bowls
     Friday, November 13, 2015
     7:00pm - 8:00pm
     12401 Wilshire Blvd #101, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Upcoming Events!


1.     The Hammer Museum.

Mindful meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls featuring Diana Winston and  Michael Perricone

Thursday, September 17th

12:30pm - 1:00pm


2.   Goorus Yoga Studio in Pacific Palisades

      Mindful Meditation lead by Jahna Perricone

      Friday, September 18th

      9:15am - 10:00am


3.  The Awareness Festival

     Mindful Meditation Sound Bath lead by Jahna Perricone with Michael Perricone on Tibetan Singing Bowls

     opening for the screening of ‘Rooted In Peace’ by Greg Reitman

    Sunday, September 20th

    8:00pm meditation

    AWARENESS FILM FESTIVAL on 9/20 at the Regal Cinema in Downtown LA @ 8:00pm followed by an awards show. If your planning to attend please be  there at 7:30pm for the red  carpet.


4.  Unplugged Meditation

     Tibetan Bowl Ancient Sound Bath and education workshop with Michael Perricone on Tibetan Singing Bowls

     Friday, September 25th

     7:00pm - 8:00pm

     12401 Wilshire Blvd #101, Los Angeles, CA 90025


5.  Sonic Sunday at Lotus Post  - Studio One

     Mindful Meditation  lead by Jahna Perricone with Michael Perricone on Tibetan Singing Bowls

      Sunday, September 27th

     11:00am  - 12:00 pm  

     1642 17th Street
      Santa Monica, CA 90404


Yoga IS Conference

I am excited to announce that our music has been chosen to be featured on one of the largest online yoga conferences in the world – YOGA IS. This conference will totally transform your life.

To purchase this music, click here

In the conference, you will learn tangible techniques to directly impact your life, including:
-       How to deal with anxiety and the pressures of life with grace and ease
-       How to powerfully define (or redefine!) your life purpose
-       How to overcome fear to step into your true gifts, relationships, and passions

Click Yoga IS for a preview video of the conference and lineup, then on the "Get Instant Access" button to get the exclusive discounted price for the entire conference. 

YOGA IS Online Conference is unlike any other conference because we are not only providing exclusive interviews, but every teacher is also giving an actual 30-minute guided practice to help you integrate the topics discussed. By registering, you’ll be receiving 30 rare interviews and 30 practices from your favorite yoga teachers.
The hostess of this incredible program our friend Suzanne Bryant is the creator of one of the world’s leading yoga films called Yoga Is A Transformational Journey and has brought together 30 of the most inspiring guest teachers I could ever imagine. This will be a global event to remember.
Don’t forget: If you click here within the next 24 hours to get instant access to a video with some previews of the conference. This video will only be available for a limited time…  so do not miss it!

Reviews of Spring Into Mindfulness!

Beautiful mindfulness meditation album. Great for various needs throughout the day, especially if you don t always have time for a longer meditation. Jahna's voice is delightful and soothing and she guides you through each meditation in a simple and yet effective way that allows you to feel more replenished and blissful. I very much enjoy going on this meditation journey as I spring into minfulness. It s a treat!  By CSing | Monday, March 30, 2015

The Practicing Loving Kindness meditation is beautiful. Mindfulness at it s simplest. I felt very at ease and happy when I reopened my eyes.  By CeliaRose | Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I have listened to three mediations so far and I have really enjoyed them all. I'm looking forward to working my way through the rest! Jahna is a great guide and has a very lovely voice. I also like the peaceful ending of the mediations with the sound of a bell.  By Cas | Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I've listened to some of this, and love the sound of Jahna's voice. Lovely tone and pace - ahhh! By Runtara | Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shakti Guitar review by Jahna Perricone in L.A. Yoga Magazine

By Jahna Perricone

I have always loved the sound of the guitar; from that alone I was looking forward to hearing Shakti Guitar. Yet, as I listened, it became clear that I was hearing much more than mere guitar artistry. McNamara’s approach to this instrument is based on the traditional Indian musical form called Raga, which means “that which colors the mind.” 

Read the rest of the review here:


Spring into Mindfulness!

Available for download now!   ‘Spring Into Mindfulness! A Beginners Guide To Mindful Meditation’ is a series of guided meditations that are designed to help you experience increased calm and heightened awareness of your reactions and surroundings.  In these meditations you will learn how to practice mindfulness, cultivate focus, equanimity, compassion and gain a greater sense of happiness.



I am writing this blog because I want to share with you my new found freedom!   I've been a singer for as long as I can remember and have pursued everything vocal and musical for most of my life.  But I kept hitting up against roadblocks.  Not so much professional but personal ones that affected my professional flow.  When I got quiet and listened, I realized that worries and concerns were keeping me stuck in fear.  They were getting in the way of any hope of true focus and well-being.  This train wreck of thinking led me to Mindfulness Meditation, how to practice it and teach it... I'm so glad I did!!

So this is what this blog is going to be about: Mindfulness and how it supports my life in every way!  I hope to delve into it's effects on my creative expression,  thinking patterns, break-throughs and general sense of well-being.  I might even share a little more:-)

I hope you enjoy the read and perhaps garner some hope as we traverse this thing called life together.  Please feel free to share your thoughts!

Love and breath,