Jahna began her musical journey as a soulful expression of the emotions flowing through her mind; thus was birthed her first solo CD, In The Balance. Ever reaching for a more seamless blend of Mindful Musical Vibes and established Classical Old World compositions, Jahna’s sparkling voice comfortably bridges both realms of this new musical groove. 

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"LOVE LOVE LOVE this... Dreamy, etherial, angelic and hopeful – just my kind of vibe!"

Kia Miller, Radiant Body Yoga Instructor

 "Do you hear that divine music? It's Jahna, bringing opera to people who think they don't like opera. The aria is the Flower Duet (Sous le Dôme épais) from Lakmé (Delibes), and if you've seen The Hunger, you already know it's incredibly sexy…"  L Word Review

“Thanks for your CD with Bachianas No. 5.  It’s marvelous, fresh tastefully done.  Beautiful voice with the spirit of the original composition and a twist….”  Sergio Mielniczenko DJ/KPFK 90.7 fm

“I loved the CD! I thought that your idea of redoing classics in a contemporary style was really effective (and you have the unique voice for it)...    Charles Bernstein, Composer (Tarantino: inglourious basterds, Kill Bill)

 “I didn’t know the name, the ‘Flower Duet’.  I heard it once on ‘The L Word’ and was forever moved.  Amazing voice.  Thank you Jahna.  Simply Beautiful." Julie

“Okay, this is probably one of the coolest things I've ever heard…Beautiful voice, lots of talent.”    Mel

“The Flower Duet from Lakmé is excellent (even if you’re not a fan of opera, Jahna has put a NICE bass beat under it…)”      s0ulchyld

“It is very soothing music to listen to while I’m driving.  The voices are perfect and just takes me into another dimension.”      Maria

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