Jahna has an uncanny ability to zero-in on where my voice needs the most work - she hears and brings to my awareness things that I would never notice, but when she does this, I notice an almost immediate change for the better in my sound and how it feels to sing.  She trains the whole person, not just the vocal chords - and in doing so, teaches her students to embody the voice, rather than singing in a detached way.  Jahna's approach is inspiring and like nothing I've ever experienced before.  - Jen M.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done for our daughter.  Stewart and I were blown away by her performance during the show.  And we commented yesterday on how much her vocal performance has grown, and all you have given her.  You are beyond talented, and have the most gorgeous voice.  - Fiona C.  

You are an amazing teacher. That was incredible to watch!  She has really improved.  Amy B.  


THANK YOU for sharing with our  Crossroads community! Many parents and kids have thanked me for introducing you to the school.  The art teacher is planning on buying a bowl for herself.  Everyone was very moved by the experience and it was so amazing that you kept the attention of hundreds of elementary school kids.  You must be magic!  Please let me know when you are peforming.
- Jennifer B.

 I think your voice in the mindfulness world will bring blessings to many, many people! - Dr. Valerie Rice

It was an absolute joy to listen to the blissful music you and Michael Perricone made during that wonderful evening at LMU! - Andrew S.

"Jahna has a calming and soothing voice and through her guided meditation I was able to meditate on a level that I haven't been able to get to on my own. In just a few minutes I felt balanced, relaxed and present in the moment. Feeling the sound resonate through my body during the singing meditation was particularly helpful as it allowed my voice to flow even more freely during my singing practice afterwards."  Christine Sofiane - Classical Singer, Speech Pathologist

"Jahna's vocal mindful meditations allow me to clear my busy thoughts of the day and fill my mind with a calm energy.  I feel energized, yet at peace, before I sing."    Gabriel Silva - Tenor 

"I appreciate Jahna spending time with members of the Beth Shir Shalom Choir, prior to our rehearsals,  by providing guided meditation and relaxation techniques.  I especially enjoy the loving kindness meditations; ...her warm and supportive guidance has also proven to be valuable for me in other facets of my life as well.  After driving more than a half-hour in traffic on the 405 freeway to be at rehearsals, I look forward to those peaceful meditative moments!"  Len Chesler - Tenor

 "I've really enjoyed the group meditations led by Jahna. She has a very calming presence that makes it easy to relax and follow her voice as she guides the group to focus on breathing and staying in the moment."  Sara K., Santa Monica, CA

 Jahna Perricone led me into a wonderful world of mindful meditation.   I was instantly put at ease by her methods and style.  She was thoughtful and inclusive, warm and thought-provoking. It was remarkable how much better I felt inside after spending just a little while with her.  I highly recommend learning in this stimulating, mind expanding environment with her.  I eagerly look forward to our next session!"  Ruth W., Pacific Palisades, CA

“It was an absolute pleasure to have you and Michael not just participate, but kick off the show at Mirrors of the Mind.  Everyone loved the Tibetan bowls and your singing. This totally set the tone.”
Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, Curator, Mirrors of the Mind: Psychotherapist as Artist, Gus Harper Gallery    

“You have an incredible gift, and a beautiful spirit, soul..... Your music set the stage I must say.”
  Elisabeth R. Crim, PhD, Moonstone Center
“What a beautiful, peaceful way to open the theatre performances!  Your voice and Michael's music could not have set a better tone for all that followed.  It was a delight to work with you!  ...Even more so, thank you for the beautiful music!”  Gina M. Golden Tangalakis, Ph.D., R.N., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"This past June, Omstream organized a beautiful event in our lululemon athletica Santa Monica location.  A full house for a powerful yoga flow from Sr. Yoga Instructor, Annie Carpenter, followed by a concert from Jahna and Michael Perricone stole the hearts of our Santa Monica community.  It was such a pleasure working with Omstream and the relationship built will continue to flourish as our community-focused companies continue to elevate the world to greatness ... together."
Jacki Carr, Community Leader, Lululemon Athletica

“WE loved the program tonight..the creativity, the spirit, the intimacy ..loved your contributions, both you and Michael” Hanna, Cirque Acoustique Guest,  Nathalie Gaulthier’s Le Studio