Yoga IS Conference

I am excited to announce that our music has been chosen to be featured on one of the largest online yoga conferences in the world – YOGA IS. This conference will totally transform your life.

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In the conference, you will learn tangible techniques to directly impact your life, including:
-       How to deal with anxiety and the pressures of life with grace and ease
-       How to powerfully define (or redefine!) your life purpose
-       How to overcome fear to step into your true gifts, relationships, and passions

Click Yoga IS for a preview video of the conference and lineup, then on the "Get Instant Access" button to get the exclusive discounted price for the entire conference. 

YOGA IS Online Conference is unlike any other conference because we are not only providing exclusive interviews, but every teacher is also giving an actual 30-minute guided practice to help you integrate the topics discussed. By registering, you’ll be receiving 30 rare interviews and 30 practices from your favorite yoga teachers.
The hostess of this incredible program our friend Suzanne Bryant is the creator of one of the world’s leading yoga films called Yoga Is A Transformational Journey and has brought together 30 of the most inspiring guest teachers I could ever imagine. This will be a global event to remember.
Don’t forget: If you click here within the next 24 hours to get instant access to a video with some previews of the conference. This video will only be available for a limited time…  so do not miss it!