Only Love Is Real

Only Love Is Real moves, grooves and pulses us through the stories of our modern world. In MC Yogi’s latest and most exciting work we are enticed to taste the universal flavors of loss, peace and love as the artist expresses his view through rap and melody. A fantastic blend of world, hip-hop, and alt-rock make this album intriguing, provocative and fun.  

The lyrics are deep and poignant, yet the fluidity of MC Yogi’s vocals and the infectious world beats keep us floating above the moving music and poetry. He has an inviting way of introducing his messaged opinions in a friendly melodic context that encourages you to dance and groove or just sit and listen intently to the lyrics.

In track 4, “Road Home” (featuring Trevor Hall), MC Yogi raps about the angst of adolescence above an East Indian world beat and chant while we’re moved into inner discovery, acceptance and equanimity. “Had to find out what it was about, had to find a way for my soul to break out… travel east to find inner peace… God bless every child traveling the road home…” At a time when so many in the world are displaced persons seeking a place to live in peace, these words take on a broader meaning.

This work is expertly produced by multi-platinum producer, Mike Green (All Time Low, Paramore, 5 Seconds of Summer), with appearances by artists Matisyahu, Trevor Hall, Dominic Balli, Golden Youth and Marti Nikko. Only Love Is Real can be enjoyed with friends at a dance event, in an energized flow-yoga class or while you’re driving on your own road home. (Black Swan)